An Overview of Our Services

Shred City offers customized secure paper shredding and document destruction services helping customers meet their compliance obligations. In addition, we are your one stop solution to all your company recycling needs.
Secure Document Shredding
Our bonded driver will travel to your location and pick-up the items to be shredded. Prior to pick-up, the items can be stored in your own containers or Shred City can provide containers at no additional charge. If witnessed document destruction is required, we invite you to bring your confidential material to our shredding facility which you will be allowed to witness the destruction.
Recycle Collection Services
Shred City provides professional full service recycle collection for all business types and sizes. Ranging in size from 3 staff in a small office to over 100 staff at multi-national companies & government agencies. All of our office Recycle collection services are fully licensed, easy to use, cost effective & tailored to meet all recycling needs.

Electronic Waste Recycling
We provide our clients with environmentally-responsible disposal solutions for their electronic waste. Shred City ensures that you will securely increase your waste diversion rates while complying with strict environmental legislation and displaying corporate social responsibility. We work with you to create customized recycling solutions that cater to your unique needs.
Battery & Ink/Toner Recycling
For collection of small sealed cell batteries, we offer our Battery Collection Box. This Program is ideal for a wide range of facilities from manufacturing plants to offices and hospitals. In addition, we provide ink and toner cartridges recycling. Simply gather your empty ink and toner cartridges, package them up—then contact us for pick up.